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Mass Tort Marketing Services

Gudeman Group's mass tort and attorney marketing services are rooted in a scientific method, not guesswork, marketing fads or even conventional wisdom; we develop plans rooted in decades of success. Now let us create and implement a plan for you.

Attorney Website Development

Very simply, does your law firm have the right website? Except it is rarely that simple. First, you must have the right website for your goals and the right goals for online client acquisition. In most cases, it is better to have narrowly defined goals for multiple websites. Once that is achieved, how well do the websites work? In this case, it is simple, how many qualified do you get each week for current campaigns? How many new cases are you signing each week from those website leads and what is the overall quality of those cases? From the very beginning, almost 20 years ago, Gudeman Group has always approached website development, attorney or otherwise, by focusing on the business objectives, not merely the development of a website. By doing so, we achieve great results for our clients.

Social Media Mass Tort Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing strategy can provide everything from supplementing an online presence for a specific mass tort (as well as a law firm in general) to providing ongoing client communication, such as for general updates during the lengthy MDL process, which has its own future marketing benefits. Social media marketing has great traffic generation potential as well. Although the potential and inexpensive nature of mass tort lead generation through social media channels is often overblown, it still offers too many benefits to be ignored. As with all marketing endeavors, the key to success is to implement a tailored plan, give it time to work and then carefully analyze the campaign from lead quantity and cost to lead quality and conversion.

Organic Search

Organic Search Mass Tort Lead Generation

The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing; having prominent organic search engine will produce a greater number of high quality leads at a lower effective cost per lead than ALL other channels. Organic search dominance, which is a top 3 ranking across roughly 250 phrases for mass torts, is extremely difficult to attain, but well worth it. The single biggest issue with SEO is the plethora of companies selling SEO services that have no capabilities whatsoever of providing those services at the level required in a truly competitive environment. Additionally, most so-called SEO companies are using the same set of tools to research the competition, develop a strategy, conduct the SEO campaign and then measure its effectiveness. This does not allow for a competitive advantage of one SEO shop over another. At Gudeman Group, we have always approached SEO with a content-first strategy. This method produces websites that not only rank better, but also perform better for both converting visitors to leads and reducing pay-per-click advertising costs.

Pay Per Click Mass Tort Lead Generation

Paid Search/Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is the cornerstone of online marketing today and every mass tort sees significant pay-per-click advertising. Despite costs that sometimes go into the hundreds of dollars per click, paid search can be effective. All advertising campaigns are not equal and client acquisition costs can vary widely even though they have virtually the same cost per click. We can evaluate and refine your existing pay-per-click campaign or design and manage a new online advertising campaign. From paid search to display advertising and targeted marketing/remarketing campaigns, we have solutions for a wide range of goals and budgets.